Jeff's Letter from January 2022

$1 Spring Shipping Special


Old Man Winter just wants to hang on. Seems odd that with the skies grey and the wind cold we would
be announcing a Spring Shipping Special, but here goes. For the month of April when you purchase six
bottles or more we will, for a measly $1 (we can’t legally do it for free), provide the shipping. This just happens to coincide with the release of the 2022 Rosé and white wines; Viognier, Verdelho and new for us Chenin Blanc. The $1 shipping doesn’t apply to just the rose and white wines but to any wine white or red or pink. So, it is time to load up. The warm weather is fast approaching making it ideal for a refreshing white wine while celebrating the colors of spring on the patio. Once the warm turns to hot we will curtail shipping to a good portion of the country and the way we figure it; let the boys in brown get some summer libations to you while the conditions are still cool.

2022 Rosé of Sangiovese

With the 2022 vintage we are back to using Sangiovese as the grape used to produce our Rosé. The Primitivo last year was terrific, but I want the zippy acidity that Sangiovese
delivers so we returned to Pioneer Hill for the 2022 Rosé. The color is perfect, a pale pink, no orange hues and not too dark. The aromas of passionfruit, pear, and currants are a prelude to brisk refreshing quaff. Enjoying this Rosé with Margie’s ceviche is rapidly making me a fan of this style of Rosé.



2022 Viognier

Viognier, River Junction - Jeff Runquist WinesWow. That was my lead descriptor in our commercial tasting in which we test drove the 2022 Viognier against the competition. It jumped out of the glass with citrus blossom, honeysuckle, and linalool. In addition to the distinctly flora aromas there is plenty of varietal character too; peach, pear apricot. We continue to control the alcohol level in the wine, the 2022 is 13.7%. A reasonable level of alcohol is key to keeping Viognier from becoming cloying and satiating, and more importantly keeping it free of the pithy bitterness that often ruins the finish of this variety.



2022 Verdelho

2021 Verdelho Jeff Runquist WinesVerdelho suffers from a good case of schizophrenia. One day it will be floral with perfumed notes of blossoms, jasmine, and even gardenia. The next it will be loaded with fresh fruit, notably melon and citrus. And sometimes it will have an herbal edge reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc. Produced from an uncommon variety (just 147 acres in the entire state), Verdelho is suited to the warm summer season here in Amador. It has a creamy viscosity with just a hint of oak. While the Chenin and Rosé are crisp, the Verdelho has a bit more flavor and richness.



2022 Chenin Blanc

2022 Chenin Blanc Jeff Runquist WinesWe wanted to introduce a bright zippy crisp white to the line up and went to our good friends Enver and Joe Salman for the grapes. You may recall that Enver and Joe are responsible for the Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah. They are also in one of California’s most highly regarded appellations for Chenin Blanc; Clarksburg. The aromas are of melon and pear with notes of herbs and citrus. There is also a freshness that is manifested by a whiff of banana. Flavors of green apple, pear, and gooseberry make this a delightful warm weather wine.



2022 Muscat Canelli

In the world of wine, Muscat Canelli was my first love; Asti Spumante and Louis Martini’s Muscato Amabile. I still enjoy returning to my youth and drinking a glass with blue cheese and baguette as an appetizer or with an apple tart or baked pear for dessert. Some folks shy away from sweet wines, but this one is different. Crisp apple flavors and mild spritz prevents the wine from being cloying and the minuscule level of alcohol (7.0%) keeps it refreshing. It doesn’t get much better than a warm afternoon, an umbrellaed patio table, and a bottle of Muscat Canelli on ice.



From April 1st to April 30th, purchase any 6 wines and get $1 shipping anywhere in the continental US… That’s right… $1.00! To take advantage of our Spring Shipping Special, please email or call us: [email protected] or 209-245-6282 ext: 306.

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