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$10 Ice Pack Option Now Available!

We always want you to get the very best quality Jeff Runquist wines, tasting exactly as Jeff intended them to. Unfortunately, wine being a perishable commodity, we cannot ship during times of extreme heat (over 85 degrees) or cold (below freezing). Just like previous years, we are offering to hold your orders until weather permits.

Ice pack shipping option for wine - Jeff Runquist WinesOr, if you wish to receive your order from our web store during the months of July and August, we currently offer a solution to get them delivered to your door. Our ice packs allow us to safely ship your wines, without being affected by summer’s hot temperatures. They are available for an additional $10 each and fit up to 12 bottles of wine.

If the travel time is longer than 3 days, UPS has a solution with greatly reduced rates for overnight shipping. We highly recommend upgrading to this expedited shipping option, or we will simply hold your wine and wait for temperatures to drop.

Please contact us directly by phone at 209-245-6282 or email at [email protected] with any questions, if you wish to use our ice pack solution or to get a price on the expidited travel time and receive your wines now. We look forward to helping you get your wine as safely and quickly as possible!

– The Jeff Runquist Winery team

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