Ask "R" Team

Have you ever had a question you've wanted to Ask "R" Team about any of Jeff Runquist Wines, or wine in general...? Now is your chance to get your answers! Send us an email with your question and we will put a short video together and answer it for you.

George’s question
Is it possible to control the green pepper taste when making Cab Sauv and Franc?

Stanley’s question
Why is malolactic “blocked” with most white wines?

Jerry’s question
Why don’t you use oak slats in stainless bins to get the same flavor profile?

Jeff’s question
How much using commercial yeasts can change the profile of a wine?

Patrick’s question
What adjustments do you do to make the grapes come through fermentation?

Susan’s question
What is the wonderful smell when I have a few drops left in my glass?

Julie’s question
What goals in winemaking are you still working to achieve?

George’s question
Why do some red wines need to be cellared and others consumed now?

Gary’s question
At times, I taste what I call a sooty or ashy taste. Are these tannins?

4Score1957’s question
What specific techniques allow for that Jeff Runquist Wines footprint?

George and Stanley’s question
Why do most red wines undergo malolactic fermentation?

Chelsea’s question
Out of all the wines you produce, which is the hardest wine to make?

John’s question
Is there an ideal time for consumption of Jeff Runquist Wines?

Scott’s question
How are your wines consistently great across every vintage?

Kathy’s question
Is there any residual sugar in Jeff Runquist Wines?

Doug’s question
What conditions are recommended for barrel storage?

Brett’s question
Do you currently have any plans to produce a port wine?

Bambi’s question
How do you decide which grapes you want to source?