Daffodils and Catwalks

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Daffodils and Catwalks

If the daffodils are any indication spring is right around the corner, if not already here. It was just last week we saw the first bloom in the half barrels on the south side of the tasting room, now there are dozens of bright yellow flowers announcing the launch of the new season.

Jeff Runquist at the winery Daffodils at Jeff Runquist Wines
The appearance of daffodils in the spring is always a welcome source of optimism for the new year. We could use some more rain, but since the weather is uncontrollable, I don’t feel too guilty sitting in an Adirondack chair along with King Alfred and soaking up some rays. It’s even more decadent with a glass of wine. If you get a chance, join us for a moment to relax, ponder the potential of the new year, and enjoy a prelude of the season to come: the 2021 Rose of Primitivo.

Last week we had catwalks installed in front of the tanks on the upper crush pad. It feels like we are moving up; pun intended. For eleven years we used an extension ladder to get to the top of the tanks.

Catwalks at Jeff Runquist Winery Amador CountyWe were always careful, but I could never shake the feeling that this was just an accident waiting to happen. No longer! I wonder if we will get an atta boy letter from Cal OSHA or maybe a break on our Workman’s Comp insurance premium, but I suspect not. Nevertheless, it is a delight to climb stairs to a sturdy walkway from which I can vent tanks, collect samples, make additions, and survey my domain.

It is amazing the difference just a few feet can provide. The landscape around the winery takes on a new perspective. It’s funny how satisfying some well-placed pieces of aluminum can make you feel; especially when you’ve waited eleven years for them.

– Jeff Runquist

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