Amador County Wine Tasting

Planning a wine tasting trip to Amador County? Here's a little history and friendly tips to make the best of your visit!


50 miles southeast of Sacramento lies California’s gold country. After gold was discovered in the valleys and hills of Amador County, thousands upon thousands of prospective gold miners traveled by sea and land to strike their fortune here. Some brought grape vines with them and planted them when they arrived. Today, many travelers still make the trek to these foothills, this time in search of a different kind of treasure, one that comes from some of the country’s oldest grapevines – many nearly 150 years old.

Wine growing in Amador County has been an important part of the local economy since settlers brought vines with them during the gold rush in 1849. There are many ancient vines from that era still producing red, ripe, robust, earthy and spicy wines with an added dose of chocolate and dark-red berries.


Today, Amador County is home to over 40 wineries including many tasting rooms pouring delicious reds from all corners of Amador County. Vintners here have an unparalleled dedication to produce premium-quality wines that offer the distinctive regional character that Amador is known for at an outstanding value, not found in other California wine growing regions. Although Zinfandel reigns supreme in Amador County, the region also produces high-quality wine from Sangiovese and Barbera, Syrah and Viognier. Tasting these wines from Amador County one notices the full and round textures, with flavors of black cherry, plum and blueberry, silky tannins and toasty, nutty characters.

Visitors can taste some of the best of Amador County’s delicious wines at Jeff Runquist Wines’ tasting room located in Plymouth, CA: the heart of Amador County. Our Reds are some of the best-loved in Amador County, having won dozens of awards for unique fruit-forward aromas and flavors present in many of our wines. Stop into our Amador County wine tasting room to see what makes these exceptional wines some of the best not just in California but the New World.